stripy dino

Imaginative Presents for Interesting Kids

A little bit about us….

Stripy Dino aims to highlight some of the more interesting present ideas for children, helping you find interesting presents quickly and easily.

Coming from a large family we have spent more time than is healthy shopping for childrens’ presents.

Whilst we found small specialist websites useful for present ideas, we always found the prices and delivery charges to be much too high. Stripy Dino does the legwork for you: we have ferreted out the best deals and offer:

  • Carefully chosen present ideas for all ages
  • All orders are fullfilled by Amazon, for the best price and your peace of mind.
  • Free Delivery on all items
  • Presents chosen for their interest and quality – we expect these presents to last!

Happy shopping, we hope you find what you are looking for.


Why on earth are you called Stripy Dino?

We were looking for a logo and name for our site and stumbled upon one of my daughters drawings of a stripy dinosaur. We rather liked him: with a scan and some judicious tidying up he became our mascot.